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Why?Because the classical automation is broken

„For SME companies „automation“ means following

Laying off skilled workers

Paying 2x more for programmer

Slow return of investment

Only 40% robot utilization

Time and resource wasting

~1 month of trajectory tuning


top challenge for customers is robot programming

Source: McKinsey, 2017

The solutionWhy is Robotwin the best solution and how does it work?

We provide an alternative approach to automation based on motion tracking and imitation, allowing specialized workers to take on other meaningful tasks. While an experienced worker demonstrates how manual work is done on the first product in the series, RoboTwin tracks their motion and processes this data into a robotics program. The robot is then able to imitate their exact motions and can finish the other products in the series. All thanks to RoboTwin’s plug and play setup, natural feedback and ability to automate complex tasks.

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